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After a few months of sunshine, paddle surfing with a banjo, and eating food from my garden, I find myself writing my first blog in a long time during the last week of summer. I must be honest, I took a few enjoyable months off from blogging and social. I have been a regular blogger since May 7th, 2006, and I felt the last few months I needed to take time away from the lap top  to find focus. After a recent conversation with my friend David Alston, I walked away inspired. David reminded me what I have to offer the world. My company and I are storytellers. We wrap our stories in beautiful images that have an effect on people’s emotions. We have the ability to draw out and tell engaging stories even from the most average subject. David encouraged me continue producing world class television production, commercials and corporate videos, but not to forget about what the world is really focusing on…relevant content. We are focusing our  on content marketing and branded entertainment.

What is Content Marketing? Quick answer can be found on Wikipedia 

Our vertical of content marketing is considered Branded Entertainment.

What is Branded Entertainment? Quick answer can also be found on Wikipedia, wow what a resource eh?

I am excited to explore the world of content marketing in a depth. I also plan to use this blog as a way to share ideas and examples of brilliant content marketing in an accessible way.  I want to be able to coach our clients and my reders how to tell their stories to the world in a way that is relevant to the masses of their target demographic. This blog will now focus on story telling as it relates to selling concepts, products and services.

The first example is one that you have most likely already have read about, watched or at least heard the buzz about. BMW commissioned a group of acclaimed film directors to produce short films in a series called The Hire. Each film was unique save for 2 things in common. The first being that each of them starred actor Clive Owen, the second being that each film dealt with a story relating to a hired driver who is always driving a rented Beamer. This series is excellent. Very well produced, naturally viral, and was incredibly successful for BMWs engagement strategy. People watched these films, talked about them, spread the word about them, visited the BMW website because of them, and even purchased a Beamer because of them.

This series was produced in 2001 and 2002. BMW was truly ahead of their time in the world of Branded Entertainment and Content Marketing. A decade later I am now witnessing a shift in advertising, marketing and communications from push to pull. The successful brands are pulling audiences and potential customers / brand evangelists into their community by serving them up some tasty content that relates strongly to their own interests and communities.

Take a look at each of these films, love to hear your comments! The last two films are behind the scenes type of vids, very cool way to keep audiences focused on the brand for longer periods. Stay tuned for regular updates to my blog, summer is kinda over and its time for me to start plugging in again!






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2 Responses to Content Marketing / Branded Entertainment

  1. Hey Lesley! Thanks for reading! Please check in weekly!

  2. Great stuff Greg! This is one good reason to be happy the summer is over. We can expect more great content from you. Welcome back and hope you had a great summer my friend.

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