The Leadership Ride

We are excited to have been part of executive coach Dave Veale and Vision Coaching’s latest film. Dave has been a mentor and friend to Hemmings House as a company and to us as individuals. We have worked with Executive Coaches from around the world because of the friendship and business we have had the pleasure of developing with Dave and the Vision team. If you are in growth mode for your business, do not take the leadership ride alone, executive coaching works, and Hemmings House is living proof! Thanks Dave and Vision Coaching team, lots of fun to work with you!


The new animation and video can be seen on the Vision Coaching website:

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Legends – Levon Helm & The Band



I recently downloaded Songza to my iPad. Once again my listening habits have changed with technology. The concept of crowd sourcing playlists is brilliant, and its all free! If I like a song there is a convenient link to iTunes so I can buy it, perfect! Tonight I have a fire crackling as I pack my bags for a quick trip to Grand Cayman. My Songza playlist tonight is the Harvest Moon playlist.

Tonight I wanted to write another blog giving tribute to legends that have inspired me to live a life of creativity and build a business centred on love and passion. My musical influences are very wide, and they have always been the foundation for my visual creations. As I browsed through YouTube I got sucked into a beautiful black hole of The Band videos. I of course looked up the epic version of I Shall Be Released (The Last Waltz version) and as it started playing on my laptop, it also started playing on Songza at the exact same time. SWEET! So the legend(s) I must pay tribute to tonight are the Band and the memory of the late Levon Helm. And if you haven’t watched The Last Waltz yet, go rent or buy it…that film is the best concert film I have ever seen. Yes Scorcese, you as well are a legend that will be blogged about in the near future!

For an extra treat, here is the original promo trailer for the Last Waltz:

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Legends – Shannon Hoon


When I founded my business it was all about the music. It still is in many ways, but in the early days of Hemmings House, the sole purpose was to bring live music to the world through the magic of video. As time went on this company has evolved into the world of commercial, corporate, documentary and television series production, but the love of music is still at its core.

I was on a road trip the other day and put Blind Melon on as I was driving the airline (route 9) between Bangor Maine and the Canadian border. I thought to myself of how much this band and Shannon Hoon influenced me when I was beginning my career as a filmmaker. I started thinking of all the other icons who shaped who I am, and who my company is today as well.

October 21st, 1995 Shannon Hoon died on his tour bus with a cocaine overdose at the age of 28. I always wonder what sort of brilliant art he would be creating today if he were still with us.

Here is a gem I found on Youtube.




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“Happy Happy Happy Holidays” From the Hemmings Christmas Hat People


Hey! It’s the season to send digital Christmas cards to your families, friends and clients! But wait a minute…how do you get everyone in the same photo when you have offices all over the place? (Really…it makes no sense at all to invest all of your precious Aeroplan points to bring your staff to the head office for the “family Shot”, use those for your next trip to Cabo).

We have a solution! We can help you draw stick person facsimiles of your missing staff so none feels left out! Oh, and although a still photograph does say a thousand words, a still image that has been broken into layers to give a 3D live action effect makes people say “wow! Thats pretty neat!”

Take a look for yourself!

Please let us know your availability to get your Christmas photo (still and/or 3D) shot at our studio. Connect with us at to get started!

Happy Holidays to our wonderful families, friends and clients, from all of us at Hemmings House!



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Shared Story Experience

Shared Story Experience


Have you ever noticed the unique bonds that are forged between people have shared an experience with you?  Some experiences are traumatic, some adventurous, some beautiful, and some are down right awful. But if you experience something with another person, whether you are strangers or old friends, that experience will create a strengthened relationship between you that is incredibly unique. I call this the Shared Story Experience.

How does this relate to business and storytelling?

Read More about the shared Experience that Jessica and I had with Jeff Roach, Kelly Lawson, Darren Emenau and Nora Kennedy as we brought three little angels into the world within 48 hours of each other!



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Hope in the City

We attended Salvation Army’s “Hope in the City event this morning to raise money for their Emergency Community Response Vehicle, and their many other community service initiatives. It was a packed house. I was thrilled, but not surprised, that the event raised over $140,000 at the breakfast, and General Rick Hillier’s key note was inspiring and hilarious! Saint John is such a caring and giving community.

Hemmings House was honoured to be part of the event as a sponsor. We produced this film in hopes to raise the bar of awareness in the city to help Salvation Army do their incredible work. Please share this film with as many people as you can across the city, the country and the world. The work of the the Salvation Army is worth supporting, and they serve communities across the planet. The call to action in this video is universal. Thanks for the support!

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Telling Small Stories to the BIG World!

Our film The Paramount will premiere nationally on CBC Television this Saturday (November 17th) at noon EASTERN STANDARD TIME (That’s 1pm in the Maritimes) across the country. This particular story is a great example of how a local story can be consumed by interested audiences on a National and International level.

You may think,

“Why would the story of a small group of people in Saint John, New Brunswick who are trying to save their local cinema from demolition be of any interest to the rest of the world?”

Well the quick answer is because it is a story that people from all over the world can relate to. Every city and town has legacy buildings, historic sites, or cultural centers that are threatened as we evolve into a decentralized, digitized 21st century. Plus, most people have fond memories of watching their favorite movies at the local cinema house, or seeing a live show on the same stage. We want to tell stories that people from all backgrounds can relate to. The true joy of storytelling is the knowledge that people are connecting because of the common experience that you are sharing through your storytelling.

How does this relate to your business or brand? My message to you is simple – Your story is relevant, no matter how small or insiginificant you may believe it is.

Find ways to make your story accessible, not only to your target demographic, but also to a general audience who will consume and share your legacy with their networks of open-eared, wide-eyed consumers.

Be sure to watch the full documentary on CBC this coming Saturday at noon across Canada. Here is the short promo video that we produced before we started filming The Paramount.

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